Homeopathy for Insomniacs


If you look up “insomnia” in a homeopathic repertory such as Synthesis, you’ll find over 400 remedies. It’s a complicated subject, and a classical homeopath would prescribe one only after a thorough evaluation of all your symptoms. However, if you can’t find a qualified homeopath right away and you’re suffering from insomnia due to an overactive mind, try a low dose (30c) of one of the following remedies, if the description fits.

  • If you’re a fiery, type A personality who overeats, overworks, and even overplays, and your insomnia begins around 3 or 4 a.m., try nux vomica. This remedy is famous for insomnia due to indigestion.

  • If your racing thoughts keep you awake at night, if you struggle with evening restlessness, or if you sleep lightly and wake at every sound, take coffea cruda.

  • If your insomnia is infrequent and when it occurs you lose sleep due to an active mind until or even after 3 a.m., try cal carb.

These are generalizations about homeopathy; the more you individualize your diagnosis, the more successful you’ll be.

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