Introduction to the Four Desires: Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha


Did you ever stop and ask yourself, “Just what am I living for?” Purushartha, or the four desires of the soul, will give you the answer. When you learn the four desires and live from them, your life has more joy, clarity, peace, and abundance. Sue explains each of them—dharmaarthakama, and moksha—and the roles they play in our lives. She comments that you need to live from all four desires in order to thrive and lead a fulfilling life. For a deeper understanding of the four desires, she recommends the book and eCourse on this subject by her teacher, Rod Stryker.

About the Teacher

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Sue Neufeld
Sue Neufeld is a Level 2 certified ParaYoga® teacher. She is an international consultant for The Four... Read more