Karma Yoga: Surrender the Fruits of Your Actions

Teachings from the Bhagavad Gita

December 4, 2013    BY Steve Harris

Why would we want to surrender the fruits of our actions, as Krishna advises in the Bhagavad Gita? Because we get stressed and uptight when we’re preoccupied with the fruits, or results. When we do karma yoga—action done without worrying about the outcome—we’re more relaxed, and we actually do a better job. Olympic gold medalists report having been completely present and relaxed, watching themselves, as they gave their best performances. Relaxation, breathing, and meditation practices help us to be in a present and relaxed state.

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Steve Harris
A long-time practitioner of yoga and meditation, Steve Harris has been studying with the Himalayan Institute since 1985. A computer programmer with degrees from Rutgers and Syracuse Universities, he worked for major corporations for more than 12 years and credits yoga with providing balance in the hectic world of corporate America.


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