Matrika Stuti Verse 1: A Chant for the Divine Mother


Learn to recite this special chant to the Divine Mother. Sandra Anderson and Shari Friedrichsen will lead you in a call and response recitation of the first verse of Matrika Stuti, to learn slowly its rhythm and pronunciation. Then use the regular version of the verse for your own daily chanting.

Matrika Stuti, Verse 1: Call and Response Slow Version

  Matrika Stuti, Verse 1: Regular


O Devi, you are transcendent and eminent, the creator of worlds of multiplicity. Through your joyful play you illuminate all; you are the locus for all that exists. You bring about the dissolution and you constitute the core of all and everything. O Divine Mother Shankari, embodiment of pure knowledge, please nurture and protect us.

About the Teacher

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Sandra Anderson
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