May 2017 Playlist: Air


The directions are simple:

  1. Light a candle.

  2. Forget the laundry, groceries, dishes, and all else.

  3. Start the playlist.

  4. Unroll your mat.

Cheers to your next hour of smooth and cruisin’ me-time.

Set your intention with Parra for Cuva & Senoy’s “Sacred Feathers.” Glide into sun salutes with FKJ’s remix of “Fly.” Get creative with Little Dragon’s “Ritual Union.” And settle into a meditative mood with Alexi Murdoch’s “Breathe.” Whether bumping this in your studio or your studio apartment, this playlist, inspired by the air (vayu, or "wind") element, is great for more flow-centric sequences or any practice where you can slow down and feel things out (think hatha, gentle vinyasa, even restorative).

Here’s the playlist:


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