Muladhara Chakra: In Practice

October 1, 2013    BY Sandra Anderson

Standing poses are especially helpful in working with muladhara chakra and the pelvis, giving us a sense of stability and security. This practice begins with ashvini (horse) mudra, done lying face down, to activate and strengthen the pelvic floor. It then moves on to four strengthening, grounding, and energizing standing postures—downward facing dog (adho mukha shvanasana), standing forward bend (uttanasana), chair pose (utkatasana), and tree pose (vrkshasana). Sandy provides guidance on alignment and mental focus to give you the full benefit of each posture.

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Sandra Anderson
For over 20 years Sandra Anderson has shared her extensive experience in yoga theory and practice with students from all over the world. A senior faculty member and resident at the Himalayan Institute, her teaching reflects access to the living oral tradition, and the embodied experience of 30 years of dedicated practice. With a background in the natural sciences and interest in classical Sanskrit, along with frequent pilgrimages to India, Sandy has a rare capacity to eloquently convey the... Read more>>


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