Rethink Working with Connective Tissue


It seems that our mind-body network is still as much a frontier as the big world beyond because, like the connective material in the universe, we’re just beginning to understand the nature of our own fascia, which is the body’s connective tissue. It turns out that our connective tissue matrix is far more supple and sophisticated than previously thought. And it requires more than just stretching—it needs proper hydration and a greater tuning in from us as we move through our day. Therapist Bo Forbes tell us that fascia is sentient and aware—and with direct connection to the autonomic nervous system and the immune systems, as well as pathways to the enteric system (our belly brain)—it deserves a little more attention from us as yoga practitioners. Our practice often leads us into the body through exhilarating twists and bends that open up the joints and allow our heart rate to rise; but a few healthy precautions will keep us filling out our form for years to come while avoiding injury and degenerative tissue disease. Click on the video for more with Forbes about the proper care of your fascia.

How have you taken care of—or not taken care of—your fascia? Please comment below.

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Bo Forbes
Bo Forbes is a clinical psychologist, yoga teacher, and integrative yoga therapist whose background includes... Read more