Revolved Head to Knee Pose


Sidebend, Twist, Seated


Hamstrings, Legs, Shoulders, Neck, Hips, Spine

Setup and Key Actions

Begin seated with your legs extended in dandasana (staff pose). Relax your right leg, bend your right knee, and place the ball of your right foot at the inner thigh of your straight left leg. Let your hips open so that you're facing the long edge of your mat (think upavistha konasana with one knee bent). Begin by bringing your left hand to your outer right knee, and placing the fingertips of your right hand on the floor beside your right hip. Lengthen your spine, and twist from your belly so that your torso is facing the same direction as your bent knee. From here, keep the length in your spine as you side bend over your straight leg, with your top arm extended alongside your ear (pinky side down). Keep your bottom hand on your knee, or bring your bottom forearm to the floor in front of your straight-leg shin. You could even catch hold of your inner or outer left foot if it's available. Ground down through your bent-leg-side sitting bone as you continue to lengthen and to reach up and over. Spin your belly, rib cage, and chest up toward the sky. Feel free to catch hold of the pinky-toe side of your left foot with your top hand if you can maintain the length and rotation in your spine.


If you're unable to catch hold of your foot, you can wrap a strap around the ball of your foot and catch hold of the strap.