Seeing Your Students: Teaching from the Inside Out

with Shari Friedrichsen

As hatha teachers, we want to help our students to release those areas that are stuck so they can begin to heal on a deeper level. Shari uses two poses—trikonasana (triangle pose) and virabhadrasana I (warrior pose)—to demonstrate how, using our inner awareness and bringing attention to where a student's breath is and where it isn't, we can make simple adjustments that don't just correct the outer appearance of the pose, but facilitate a profound internal shift. Any questions or comments? Please post here.

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Shari Friedrichsen

Shari Friedrichsen

Teaching yoga for more than 38 years, Shari Friedrichsen, a key facilitator of the Himalayan Institute teacher certification program and a member of the 500-hour teacher training faculty at 8 Limbs... Read more>>  

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