The Value of Slowing Down and Deeper Listening


We sat down with Bo Forbes at the recent New York Yoga Journal conference to chat about the importance of relaxation, and deep, inner listening.

Although we often feel guilty about it, relaxation is time well spent. We’re just now starting to understand that there‘s a value in slowing down and listening to the needs of our body. Deep listening cultivates a very therapeutic relationship with the inner workings of our mind-body network, and over time, the compassion inherent in that listening relationship cultivates a lifelong dialogue that leads to greater overall health over the long term. And if feeling better isn’t enough of an incentive, that work that we do in cultivating a kinder and more tuned-in relationship with ourselves reverberates into the relationships we cultivate with others. 

How have you begun to listen to your body's needs more? Please comment below.

About the Teacher

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Bo Forbes
Bo Forbes is a clinical psychologist, yoga teacher, and integrative yoga therapist whose background includes... Read more