Tips for Handling Teen Drama

August 7, 2014    BY Dee Marie

Teenage years aren’t for the faint of heart. During this time, there are many physical and energetic changes that cause imbalances. Reactions to external stimuli may be heightened, and teens require rest from day-to-day demands. Relaxation and restorative asana poses are most effective for rebalancing frazzled teens; and tuning in to yoga media, as well as positive, uplifting music, helps them utilize their technologies as a bridge to a more nurturing lifestyle. At the end of the day, knowing where they are and simply being there for them is everything!

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Dee Marie
Dee Marie uses her extensive educational and practical experience in yoga therapy, child development, dance, sports training, exercise physiology, relaxation and meditation to provide private and class instruction for individuals of all ages and abilities in Colorado and nationally. Dee’s boundless energy and vivacious personality add a dynamic dimension of fun to her comprehensive instruction, knowledge and teaching.


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