Using the 3 Gunas to Understand Your Mind

August 21, 2013    BY Kathryn Templeton

Here’s a simple but effective way to understand and work with your mind—focus on its supreme qualities or attributes, the three gunas. You can use the guna rajas (motion, friction) to move a mind stuck in tamas (heaviness, dullness, ambivalence) toward a state of sattva (lightness. clarity).

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Kathryn Templeton
Kathryn Templeton, MA, RDT/MT, E-RYT 500, is an Ayurvedic practitioner who has devoted her life to the health of others. A psychotherapist for more than 30 years, Kathryn is a master teacher in the field of Drama Therapy and continues to work both clinically and as an educator specializing in the treatment of individuals with complex trauma. As an E-RYT 500, NAMA Certified Ayurvedic practitioner and senior Para Yoga teacher, Kathryn has worked to develop specialized treatments integrating the... Read more>>

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