Wave Rider: Finding Sweetness in Every Moment


We sat down with Coby Kozlowski at the recent New York Yoga Journal Conference to chat about dharma, wave riding, and the sweetness of life.

What do you do when things aren’t working out the way you’d like? Often we try to get away from sadness, grief, sorrow, and pain, but suppressing all of these painful emotions also suppresses our capacity to feel the broad bandwidth of love—such as joy, passion, intimacy, tenderness, ecstasy. Coby Kozlowski coaches us to see that all of life is beautiful, whatever it brings to our doorstep.

Just as a surfer can’t predict what kind of waves will come, says Coby, "we can’t predict what will happen in life, but we can take responsibility for how we engage with life." We can ride each wave. We can stay present, not shut down, not run away, but expand into each moment and allow its sweetness to blossom, so that we can experience the full vibrancy of life. Click the video to hear Coby‘s energizing explanation of wave riding.            

How have you opened to the sweetness of the moment?  Please comment below. 

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