What to Do with Your Tailbone in a Sun Salute

March 4, 2016    BY Amber Burke

Many teachers and students now know to avoid the common cue of "tucking the tailbone" in vinyasa, but what exactly is the optimal position for the tailbone when you're practicing? This class is designed to show you how to bring healthy alignment to the tailbone and surrounding joints during sun salutations. Amber shares tips to bring your awareness to the low back in order to ultimately prevent chronic pain or injury. A strap and block come in handy! 

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Amber Burke
Amber Burke lives in Coyote, New Mexico, and teaches alignment-based and restorative yoga at Body in Santa Fe. In her classes, she aspires to a precision of language and detail that will not only create sustainable poses but also guide students inward, toward an ever-deepening self-awareness. She is a graduate of Yale, the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars MFA Program, and two yoga teacher trainings through Yogaworks in Los Angeles, and has been registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour... Read more>>


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