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January 14, 2015    BY Yoga International

Revised and Effective May 1, 2016

Yoga International values your expertise, your voice, and your time. While we are selective when it comes to choosing the right content for our readers, we welcome all submissions through our Writers’ Collaborative. If your article is selected for publication on Yoga International, you will receive a minimum payment of $50.00 USD. We pay more ($150.00-200.00 USD) for feature articles (articles that headline our bi-weekly eblasts). If your submission  is selected for publication, we will let you know right away if we would like to use it as a feature article. Feature articles are chosen based on topic, universal appeal, depth, and writing quality.

Articles we are are especially looking for right now include:

  • Instructional articles on asana alignment, including alignment for and breakdowns of specific poses; articles that "demystify" a common frustration, such as "How to Straighten Your Arms in Crow Pose;" and articles that discuss and correct common misalignments (for example, "The Two Biggest Mistakes in Warrior II")
  • Creative asana sequences (think outside the surya namaskars!)
  • Yoga therapy-related articles and sequences (“Yoga for _____”)
  • Articles on anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics (this can include expert interviews)
  • Readable write-ups on the latest in yoga-related scientific research
  • Articles for teachers (teaching tips, the business of yoga)
  • Commentaries/opinion pieces on yoga-related current events

Submissions should be between 300 and 1000 words in length.

Submit an Article

Three easy steps:

  1. Become a Free/Basic YI Member. Once you sign up and confirm your email address, login and upload your bio and photo.
  2. Submit your article via Google Documents
  3. Fill out the online form.

Note: This plan may change as we learn from it and make it better.

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