Yoga Drills & Bits #3: Garage Door

October 25, 2017    BY Mimi Rieger

Have a small blanket (or towel or socks) and two blocks (or books) handy and get ready for a new drill! Learn how to work progressively toward lifting your hips off the floor from seated using the strength of your upper back, pelvic floor, and shoulder girdle. You've got this! 

This is part of the Drills & Bits series (a series of short yet effective practices designed to help you prepare for pressing up into handstand).

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Mimi Rieger
Mimi Rieger, (E-RYT Yoga Alliance) is an internationally recognized yoga teacher and the proprietor of Mimi Rieger Yoga and PureFitnessDC, LLC. Mimi began her fitness journey as a ballet dancer in her youth and discovered the yogic and martial arts in her 20’s. Mimi has been teaching yoga since 2003 and received her certification from the Ashtanga Yoga Center in Washington, DC. She has studied and trained with an array of schools of yoga including Rocket Vinyasa Yoga, Progressive... Read more>>


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