YogaQuest: 3 Doctor Who-Inspired Yoga Poses

January 6, 2017    BY Justine Mastin

Whovian yogis of all ages, this fun tutorial is for you! Learn how to practice three Doctor Who-inspired poses: time and space pose, jelly baby pose, and weeping angel pose.


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Justine Mastin
Justine Mastin (aka JustiniYogini) never felt quite comfortable in the “traditional” wellness world. Even after becoming a certified yoga teacher in 2010, she felt like she didn’t fit. Knowing that she must not be alone in this feeling of “otherness” Justine set about making yoga accessible to the geek community, and YogaQuest was born. YogaQuest’s prime directive is to create a safe space for geeks to care for themselves while still being themselves, and to advocate for the power... Read more>>


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