A Complete Practice

Explore familiar poses in new ways and learn unique approaches to oft-challenging poses in this full-spectrum practice. You’ll begin with a hip-opening warm-up, standing poses, and abdominal strengthening. After that, you’ll move into a reclined hip sequence, arm balances (including eka hasta bhujasana—leg over shoulder pose—and eka pada koundinyasana—flying splits), gentle backbends, forward bends, and twists.

Throughout the class, Christina encourages you to take your time and listen to yourself, offering helpful alignment cues each step of the way. Enjoy this opportunity to switch up your approach to poses like down dog and triangle, fly if you like to, play with backbending, and more.

About the Teacher

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Christina Sell
Christina Sell has been practicing asana since 1991 and teaching since 1998. Christina maintains an active... Read more