A Practice to Release Worry

Feeling uneasy? This strengthening and stabilizing class is designed to help you release worry over things you can’t control.

You’ll begin lying down for a breathing practice followed by feel-good stretches. After that, you’ll come to all fours for child’s pose, cat-cow, thread the needle pose, and spinal balance. You’ll then make your way onto your feet for lunge, pyramid, revolved lunge, and more while placing special focus on your personal power and your breath.

You’ll cap the practice off with boat pose (sometimes referred to as locust) before releasing into savasana. Take the stability, strength, and relaxation with you and enjoy the rest of your day.

Props: blocks

About the Teacher

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Luke Ketterhagen
Hi, I’m Luke Ketterhagen. I’ve been teaching and studying yoga for over twenty years. I specialize in... Read more