A Yoga Class for First Responders: Pre-Shift Practice

Prepare for an intense day on the job with this practice that will help you feel both energized and relaxed—ready to meet the demands ahead. This class is a pre-shift practice. You’ll begin with stretches for your feet and wrists. After that, you’ll do a warm-up flow that features planks, cobra variations, and forward folds. Then you’ll move into a standing sequence that includes dynamic hip and foot work as you shift from warrior II to horse pose to skater pose, then back to horse and warrior II. At the end of this practice, move into relaxation mode with child's pose, ankle rolls, a block-supported seated forward bend, knees to chest pose, and savasana.

Props: Blocks, blanket

About the Teacher

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Megan Kearney (Pusateri)
Megan Pusateri, formerly Kearney is a creative vinyasa and thoughtful movement teacher who emphasizes... Read more