Calming Flow for Anxiety

Ease your mind in times of high stress or anxiety with this mindful practice. You’ll begin with a warm-up that includes a supine blanket-supported pose to relax your belly, followed by lunges, squats, and more. Then, you’ll move into a sequence featuring crescent lunges, warrior III, a humble warrior variation, and other standing poses. You’ll do this sequence twice, deepening your sense of grounding the second time around. Rest at the end in a block-supported bridge pose, reclined twists, and savasana. Enjoy the stillness as long as you like and take this feeling of stability into the rest of your day.

Props: blanket, block

About the Teacher

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Valerie Knopik
Valerie Knopik (PhD, E-RYT 500, YACEP) is the Ben and Maxine Miller Professor of Human Development and... Read more