Calming Flow for Anxiety

Practice description

Ease your mind in times of high stress or anxiety with this mindful practice. You’ll begin with a warm-up that includes a supine blanket-supported pose to relax your belly, followed by lunges, squats, and more. Then, you’ll move into a sequence featuring crescent lunges, warrior III, a humble warrior variation, and other standing poses. You’ll do this sequence twice, deepening your sense of grounding the second time around.

Rest at the end in a block-supported bridge pose, reclined twists, and savasana. Enjoy the stillness as long as you like and take this feeling of stability into the rest of your day. 


About the teacher

Valerie Knopik (PhD, E-RYT 500, YACEP) is the Ben and Maxine Miller Professor of Human Development and... Read more