Deep Hips: Heartbreak Into Heart Awake

Move through a hip-focused lunar flow that's inspired by the bhakti poetry of Mirabai (a 16th-century princess who deeply loved Krishna). The theme of this practice is "heartbreak into heart awake"—a recognition that heartbreak can sometimes inspire our deepest awakening.

Class begins with a seated practice, which includes mudra, mantra, and pranayama. After that, you'll move into a sequence that features a Krishna-crescent flow, a lunge flow where you'll progress into deeper variations as you go, and inward-moving seated hip openers.

Put the love in your heart into action and then, if you like, rest in a cozy savasana.

The mudra circuit you'll practice includes anjali mudra (offering gesture) and pushpanjali mudra (offering of flowers gesture).

The mantra you'll practice is aham prema ("I am divine love").

The pranayama you'll practice is chandra bhedana (moon-piercing breath).

About the Teacher

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Sianna Sherman
Sianna Sherman is an international yoga teacher, storyteller, and speaker at conferences and festivals... Read more