"Detox" Yoga for Non-Toxic People

Sometimes our negative thoughts can make us feel toxic and uncomfortable. In this fun, moderately paced practice, you’ll use breath and movement to tune in to what you're feeling, to “detox” feelings of dissatisfaction.

The practice begins with mindfulness meditation, sama vritti (equal breathing) practice, and kapalabhati (skull shining breath). After that, you’ll focus on alignment and feeling as you enjoy liberating lion’s breath, a flowy yet grounding half moon/revolved half moon sequence, a shoulderstand to bridge to kapotasana sequence, and more. Along the way, Cyndi offers plenty of modifications so you can practice in a way that’s right for you today.

About the Teacher

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Cyndi Lee
Cyndi Lee has been teaching yoga since 1978, meditation since 1994, and leading teacher trainings since... Read more