Fiery, Fierce, and Fun: Twist and Arm Balance Vinyasa

In this advanced class, you’ll uplevel your vinyasa practice by adding blanket slides to many of your transitions. You’ll begin by infusing this core-strengthening technique into your sun salutes and standing poses before taking it into headstand, revolved lunges, and preps for crow and side crow. 

After that, you’ll continue to strengthen with a “boat rowing kriya” in chair pose, head taps on a block in crow to prep for sirsasana ll (tripod headstand), enter side crow from a blanket perch, transition from tripod headstand to crow back to tripod headstand, and more.

Along the way, Rocky encourages you to work at a pace that’s appropriate for you today and to stop to watch and learn when that makes sense for you. 

Finish with a series of wind-down stretches, a calming breath practice, and a sweet guided savasana.

Props: Blocks, blanket

About the Teacher

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Rocky Heron
Rocky Heron is an internationally acclaimed yoga educator and musician. Known for his uncanny wisdom... Read more