Hang up the Hustle

Forget about that to-do list and celebrate slowing down in this class that’s all about filling up your cup. 

You’ll begin on your back in a bolster- and blanket-supported savasana as Megan guides you through a relaxing visualization. After that, you’ll rub your hands vigorously and use them to warm your eyes before moving into a bolster-supported half butterfly pose. You’ll also do a wide-legged straddle and a lateral stretch using a bolster as well as child’s pose, a cat tail twist, “banana-asana,” and more.

Allow yourself to be soothed in this whole-body wind-down.

About the Teacher

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Megan Kearney (Pusateri)
Megan Pusateri, formerly Kearney is a creative vinyasa and thoughtful movement teacher who emphasizes... Read more