Heroic Heart

Hanuman (the Hindu mythic monkey god) is the embodiment of prana (life force). He is the son of the wind and the breath of the heart. Hanuman's power comes from devotional love (bhakti), and he is the embodiment of selfless service. This advanced alignment-focused sequence is designed to guide you toward eka pada raja kapotasana IV (a variation of hanumanasana, or full splits). With skillful instruction, you'll learn how to create a safe passageway for the hamstrings and heart to open so that you can practice from a place of muscular integration, devotional purpose, and respect for your body and yourself. Let the breath of your heart lead the way.

Props: 2 blocks, strap

About the Teacher

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Sianna Sherman
Sianna Sherman is an international yoga teacher, storyteller, and speaker at conferences and festivals... Read more