Hip Intelligence: Steps to Safely and Agreeably Take Lotus Posture

In this dynamic blend of tutorial and practice, you’ll learn how to develop pelvic awareness and hip flexibility with a series of leg extension movements.

After a warm-up, you’ll move each leg in and out of tree pose and standing half lotus pose, catching your foot as you bring it back in toward your thigh. Then, you’ll do the same from dandasana (staff pose) and either headstand, shoulderstand, or a wall shoulderstand variation. You’ll also pause in the middle of the practice for a long hold in a supported baddha konasana (bound angle pose), which will help you feel more grounded and open in the lotus inversions.

Props: blanket, strap, 2 blocks

About the Teacher

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David Garrigues
David Garrigues is an internationally recognized yoga teacher and creator of the Asana Kitchen video... Read more