Hips, Arm Balances, and More!

with Carrie Owerko

Style: Iyengar

Duration: 60 min

Intensity: Moderate

Props: Blanket, Blocks, Chair, Strap

Class Description

In this hip-centered practice, you’ll begin with warm-up sequences that explore hip strengthening and range of movement as well as different types of dynamic movement not frequently done in yoga class.

Once warmed up, you’ll practice supported variations of vatayanasana (horse face pose), a prone lotus pose, mayurasana (peacock pose), and eka pada galavasana (flying pigeon pose). Along the way, Carrie offers you different ways of approaching the poses so you can find the method that works best for you.

Class concludes with two chair-supported versions of mayurasana and eka pada galavasana before the final poses: a chair-supported halasana (plow pose) with an option for a padmasana (lotus variation), and savasana.

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Carrie Owerko

Carrie Owerko

Carrie Owerko has been teaching yoga and exploring the relationship between body, breath, and mind for many years. She is a Senior Level Certified Iyengar teacher (CIYT), is a Certified Yoga... Read more>>  

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