Igniting Sun: 3rd Chakra Kundalini Practice

Bolster your commitment, energy, and will with this practice for manipura chakra, located at the navel (known as the solar center). This class begins with breath of fire from a variation of head to knee pose. After that you’ll come onto your back for energizing leg kicks and “piston pumps” before moving onto hands and knees for a plank variation that integrates breath of fire. Feel strong in a variation of “stretch pose” (a core-powered practice you’ll do on your back), a heart-energizing seated practice that includes active arm movements and meditation, and much more. You’ll end with the same heart-energizing practice you did earlier, but this time on your back.

Props: none

About the Teacher

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Sierra Hollister
A self-proclaimed “yoga universalist,” Sierra holds teacher certifications in multiple lineages and styles.... Read more