Isometric Lower Body Drills: Legs

with Rocky Heron

Style: Conditioning

Duration: 20 min

Intensity: Moderate

Props: Blanket, Strap

Class Description

In this isometric strength class, you'll do drills to awaken muscles that contribute to greater stability in standing poses.

Class begins with quick hip-focused warm-ups, one of which you'll do in malasana (squat). After that, you'll grab a strap and begin a targeted (mostly standing) sequence that prioritizes hip abduction, and through that, gluteal activation.

In the first half of the sequence, you'll use a strap for resistance in double-leg squats, single-leg squats, and side-lying leg lifts. After that, you'll integrate what you've done with standing squats, relying on imagined resistance rather than a strap. The final active practice is blanket slides, where you'll create healthy tension in complementary muscle groups in the fronts and sides of your legs.

This class is part of the Isometric Strength Program

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Rocky Heron

Rocky Heron

Rocky Heron is an internationally acclaimed yoga educator and musician. Known for his uncanny wisdom and in-depth understanding of yoga anatomy and alignment, Rocky’s teaching is informed by years... Read more>>  

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