Isometric Upper Body Drills: Pull

Yoga practices are often push-dominant, meaning they don't load "pulling muscles" in the same way as "pushing muscles." In this practice, you'll do a series of isometric exercises designed to increase healthy tension in pulling muscles, which can lead to greater strength gains.

You'll begin standing, with a "shoulder flossing" warm-up. After that, you'll explore two strap-supported "pull" drills: The first simulates pull-ups, and the second is designed to strengthen your arms' active range of motion, which can make poses like locust, bow, camel, and cobra more effective.

Later in class come prone poses, where you'll use the floor to simulate the strap work you've done and blocks to awaken both push and pull strength. Finally, you'll integrate everything in blanket slides through up dog.

Props: blanket, blocks, strap

This class is part of the Isometric Strength Program

About the Teacher

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Rocky Heron
Rocky Heron is an internationally acclaimed yoga educator and musician. Known for his uncanny wisdom... Read more