Isometric Upper Body Drills: Push

Wake up your upper body with this methodical class that's chock-full of isometric drills for your wrists, core, chest, and shoulders.

Awaken your shoulders' external rotators (infraspinatus and teres minor) before moving on to progressive core work and a targeted practice for your chest muscles that uses blocks for increased engagement.

In the latter part of class, you'll integrate everything you've done with two practices. The first is a wall-supported drill from standing, where you'll fire your chest muscles, rotator cuff, and core. The second is a fully activated practice of chaturanga where you'll use blocks for optimal alignment and activation. And finally, for one last challenge, you'll do as many push-ups as you can!

Props: blocks, strap, wall

About the Teacher

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Rocky Heron
Rocky Heron is an internationally acclaimed yoga educator and musician. Known for his uncanny wisdom... Read more