Jivamukti Vinyasa

with Luis R. Davila

Style: Jivamukti

Duration: 30 min

Intensity: Vigorous

Props: Blocks

Class Description

Curious about Jivamukti? Join Luis in this classic Jivamukti vinyasa, Simple Class 2, featuring down and updogs, knees-chest-chin, cobra, twisting chair, revolved side angle, warriors I and II, triangle, side angle, shoulderstand, fish pose, and more. Enjoy!

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Luis R. Davila

Luis R. Davila

Luis R. Davila, a native of Fajardo, Puerto Rico, has been a part of the Jivamukti Yoga School since December of 2006. With a background in musical theater, ballet, jazz and modern dance, Luis'... Read more>>  

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