Just Yoga Level 2: Recharge

with Luke Ketterhagen

Style: Hatha Yoga

Duration: 45 min

Intensity: Moderate

Props: Blanket

Class Description

In this invigorating “recharge” class, Luke invites you to notice how you channel your focus and energy as you move on the mat.

You’ll begin by warming up your core and then move through a series of standing poses that includes agni sara (essence of fire) and a fun hip-opening flow called “Arjuna’s bow.” You’ll also practice crow, camel, and kapalabhati (breath of fire) before slowing down with pigeon, seated hip-openers, supported bridge, and a reclined twist.

Recharging takes time and self-observation. Use this time as an opportunity to restore your energy and go inward.

Audio and video downloads are available for Digital Members. Digital Members.

Luke Ketterhagen

Luke Ketterhagen

Luke Ketterhagen earned a degree from Marquette University in Biomedical Sciences, and then immersed himself in the study of yoga. He is certified by the Himalayan Institute, and specializes in... Read more>>  

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