Peak Pose: Kurmasana (Tortoise Pose)

with Karina Mirsky

Style: Hatha Yoga

Duration: 45 min

Intensity: Moderate

Props: Blanket, Strap

Class Description

In this advanced yoga sequence, Karina reminds us that yoga is far more than the physical postures alone; yoga is also a state of single-pointed awareness, and the poses are a means for attaining that state. Just as a tortoise retracts its limbs into a shell, withdraw your attention and turn inward as you move through challenging hip-opening and spine-stabilizing postures, ultimately leading toward the peak pose, kurmasana (tortoise pose). Conclude the practice by digesting the work you’ve done in a deeply relaxing shavanasa. Please avoid these postures if you’re experiencing lower back pain or herniated discs.

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Karina Mirsky

Karina Mirsky

Karina Mirsky is a certified ParaYoga teacher and the director of Sangha Yoga in Kalamazoo, MI. She holds a master’s degree in East/West Psychology and is an adjunct professor of Yoga Studies at... Read more>>  

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