Play Your Way Into Side Plank Variations

In this playful balance-focused practice, you’ll work toward kasyapasana (half bound lotus side plank) or a non-bound variation of the pose, and you’ll also explore a chair-supported kasyapasana variation.

You’ll begin with a warm-up that mobilizes the spine and shoulders and then do core-strengthening work in forearm plank and side plank. After that, you’ll use dynamic movement to get into bharadvajasana ll, ardha baddha paschimottanasana (half bound lotus forward fold), and an ardha padmasana (half lotus) variation. Then you’ll practice kasyapasana (or an unbound variation of it) as well as the chair-supported version to enhance the side-opening benefit of the pose.

Class concludes with a chair- or wall-supported shoulderstand (with leg variations to choose from).

About the Teacher

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Carrie Owerko
Carrie Owerko has been teaching yoga and exploring the relationship between body, breath, and mind for... Read more