Preparing the Shoulder Girdle for Pincha Mayurasana

In this workshop-style class, you’ll learn how to align your upper body, particularly your shoulder girdle, to prepare for and practice pincha mayurasana (forearm stand). Along the way, you’ll also learn about common misalignments in this pose.

You’ll begin with activating arm movements from seated, hands and knees, standing, and prone. Then, you’ll move into a shoulder-opening standing sequence, before moving into pincha mayurasana prep poses and pincha mayurasana at the wall.

After a supine counterpose, you’ll unwind with a wall-supported variation of marichyasana A, before concluding with paschimottanasana and savasana.

Props: Blocks, blanket, strap, wall

About the Teacher

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Joan Hyman
Joan Hyman's grounded teaching style seamlessly supports her students as they emerge from their practice... Read more