Primal Vinyasa: Ground Reaction Force

In this enlivening primal vinyasa sequence, you'll explore the principle of ground reaction force, which can help you find a "rebound" effect in asana and avoid compressive movements. 

Throughout this practice, you'll focus on equal and opposite actions (push/pull, up/down, and back-and-forth) through both slow, controlled movement and quick, up-tempo movement (that will get your heart rate up!).

Some of the primary skills you'll explore include jumping and staying lighter on your feet in general. Near the end of class, you'll apply what you've learned to handstand at the wall.

For this class you'll need: 2 blocks and a staff (a Primal Vinyasa Danda™ , or broomstick, or curtain rod)

About the Teacher

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Annie Adamson
Annie Adamson is co-owner of Yoga Union Community Wellness Center and founder of Primal Vinyasa™ and... Read more