Pure Presence

Learn to be present with yourself and to face each moment with an attitude of abundance. The sequence begins restoratively, with an easy inversion, twist, and forward tuck where you'll use boosters to discover calm and cultivate deep breathing. After that, you will move through slow (counted) variations of the sun salutation using blocks under your hands. Once you've warmed up, you'll flow through high squats with affirmation work, focusing on what you're willing to take in the moment and what you're willing to give. You'll then explore the rest of the sequence, which features engaging back and side bends and deft transitions through creative variations of familiar poses. After active work, you will relax with stretches on the floor.

Props: Blocks, blanket, bolster

About the Teacher

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Chelsey Korus
Chelsey Korus is quickly becoming one of the wellness world’s foremost teachers and philosophers. She’s... Read more