Yoga for Your Dosha: Sattvic Flow

with Kathryn Templeton

Style: Hatha Yoga

Duration: 30 min

Intensity: Moderate

Props: Blanket, Blocks

Class Description

Let your practice nourish and support you. Learn how to pacify the doshas (kapha, pitta, and vata) with this sattvic (balanced), tri-dosha yoga class! Kathryn will guide you through agni sara (essence of fire), side plank, pigeon pose, and much more. Let's begin!

If you're unsure what your dosha is, take the dosha quiz here on Yoga International!

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Kathryn Templeton

Kathryn Templeton

Kathryn Templeton has devoted her life to the health of others. A psychotherapist for more than 30 years, she continues to work both clinically and as an educator specializing in the treatment of... Read more>>  

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