Restorative Yoga for Backbend Lovers

Practice description

This restorative yoga class is all about finding the supported backbend that gives you the most ease. Andrea guides you through three backbending experiences that range from minimally propped to mega-propped, encouraging you to find the one that feels the best and to stay there as long as you like.

Let go with this deeply soothing backbending retreat!

The first backbend might be all you need to get grounded, but if you want to go deeper grab more props for this class: four to five blankets and three bolsters, a sandbag (optional), and an eye pillow or washcloth to cover your eyes. If you don’t have these props, tune in to Andrea’s tutorials on how you can turn household items into yoga props.


About the teacher

Smitten with yoga at age 15 and teaching since age 22, Andrea has 18 years of teaching experience and... Read more