Restorative Yoga for Deep, Healing Calm

If you have the tendency to be hard on yourself or you’re in need of a practice to quell anxiety (or you simply love the comfort of blankets!), relaxing into these long-held restorative poses will help you unwind. You’ll also receive tips on how to find the pose shape and props that are right for your body proportions and needs.

You’ll begin with a propped legs up the wall pose, and then move into elevated chest pose (with wide legs), side-lying savasana, and an upside-down child’s pose. Final resting pose is another legs up the wall variation, but with more blankets this time. This can be your savasana or you can move to floor at any time if that feels better for you.

About the Teacher

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Andrea Peloso
Smitten with yoga at age 15 and teaching since age 22, Andrea has 18 years of teaching experience and... Read more