Sirsasana I (Headstand) Tutorial

with Michelle LaRue

Style: Iyengar

Duration: 10 min

Intensity: Low

Props: Wall

Class Description

In this Iyengar-style tutorial, you’ll learn how to practice sirsasana I (headstand) at a wall in order to support optimal alignment, safety, and stability. Take this classic pose in stages, first kicking up into it one leg at a time and then coming into it by lifting both legs simultaneously.

Please note that in Iyengar yoga sirsasana is taught only when a student can practice sarvangasana (shoulderstand) with ease and stability.

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Michelle LaRue

Michelle LaRue

Michelle deeply enjoys sharing the benefits of Yoga with others. Her teaching is strong and precise. She blends physically demanding asana work with clear verbal instruction. Her aim is to lead her... Read more>>  

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