The Inner Winds: A Vayu-Focused Yin Class

In this deeply grounding practice you’ll explore the yogic concept of vayu—the flow Prana (vital energy) in the body. The five vayus govern different functions and aspects of being: prana (governs intake and momentum), apana (governs elimination), samana (governs assimilation), udana (governs growth and expression), and vyana (governs circulation).

You’ll do heart bench pose (for prana vayu), swan (for apana vayu), reclined twist (for samana vayu), supine tree (for udana vayu), and savasana (for vyana vayu). Observe the patterns of Prana as it divides and moves throughout the body accomplishing many tasks, both tangible and subtle.

About the Teacher

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Ellen Mosko
Ellen's teaching style is an interactive mix of attentive alignment, fluid movement, and breath awareness.... Read more