The Road to Wheel Pose Class 3: Bow Pose

Welcome to the third stop on the road to wheel: bow pose.

Class begins with a centering practice in mountain pose. You’ll then prepare to explore your backbending range with a short warm-up that includes shoulder openers, sun salutes, and low lunge variations.

After that, you’ll work with bow pose in stages: first using straps around your ankles (if you have difficulty reaching your feet), then lifting one leg at a time (one-legged bows), and then both legs (bow). You’ll also have the option to practice a restorative version of the pose.

Once you’re done, you’ll wind down with reclined twist variations before sinking into a well-earned savasana!

Props: blocks, blanket, strap

About the Teacher

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Dianne Bondy
Dianne Bondy is a social justice activist, author, accessible yoga teacher, and the leader of the Yoga... Read more