Turning Inward: Forward Bends, Abdominal Work, and Twists

In this grounding class that focuses on forward bends, abdominal work, and twists, you’ll practice moving in and out of each pose with step-by-step alignment. Class begins with a standing forward bend sequence that includes traditional poses such as parsvottanasana (pyramid pose), prasarita padottanasana (wide-legged forward bend), and paschima namaskar (reverse prayer) variations of those poses.

You’ll then move into seated poses, such as navasana (boat pose) and ubhaya padagusthasana (double-toe hold), and variations of marichyasana I (sage pose), connecting to your core as you twist to create stability. Class concludes with chatush padasana (a bridge pose variation) and supported restorative postures.

Props: 2 blanket, 2 blocks (optional)

About the Teacher

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Michelle LaRue
Michelle deeply enjoys sharing the benefits of Yoga with others. Her teaching is strong and precise.... Read more