United States of Hips

Move through the full range of motion of your hips in this part stretch/part vinyasa class.

You’ll begin on your back with a centering practice before moving into a dynamic hip- and core-strengthening warm-up. In the second half of the practice, you’ll flow through a few dance-like sequences that feature transitions in and out of hip-opening poses like skater, side angle, and half moon.

After a rest in child’s pose, you’ll return to hip-focused work with seated leg lifts over a block, increasing the block height each time; prone thigh stretches; half happy baby; and more.

Take a well-deserved rest at the end with a guided savasana.

Props: Blocks, blanket, strap

About the Teacher

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Megan Kearney (Pusateri)
Megan Pusateri, formerly Kearney is a creative vinyasa and thoughtful movement teacher who emphasizes... Read more