What About the Glutes? Learn to Fire Your Posterior Chain

The more time we spend sitting, the more quad-dominant we can become, making it difficult to activate posterior chain muscles, such as the glutes and hamstrings, when practicing yoga. 

In this class, you’ll start by taking a few common standing poses—warrior I, warrior II, and extended side angle—noticing which areas of your body you're relying upon most for strength and stability. Next, you’ll do drills that teach you how to "fire up" the posterior chain. Finally, you'll come back to those same standing poses, now with the ability to recruit the glutes and hamstrings. See if you can notice the difference in your strength, balance, and stability!

About the Teacher

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Annie Adamson
Annie Adamson is co-owner of Yoga Union Community Wellness Center and founder of Primal Vinyasa™ and... Read more