Yin at the Wall to Eliminate Exhaustion

with Megan Kearney

Style: Yin

Duration: 30 min

Intensity: Low

Props: Blanket, Wall

Class Description

Need a break from the hustle? Take time out to rest, recover, and replenish with this wall-supported yin practice. You’ll do legs up the wall, a wide-legged straddle, baddha konasana, malasana, reclined twists, sphinx, and more.

Enjoy the philosophical perspective Megan offers, the slow transitions between poses, and this opportunity to take comfort in your breath.

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Megan Kearney

Megan Kearney

Megan is a creative vinyasa and thoughtful movement teacher who emphasizes the mind body connection. She integrates alignment and functional flow throughout her classes and always includes meditation... Read more>>  

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