Slow down, feel your breath, and let go of unnecessary effort with a gentle class that blends restorative and yin poses. You’ll do three forward folds (seated forward bend, head to knee pose, and wide-legged forward bend), using a blanket, bolster, blocks, and a sandbag* to support and deepen your stretch along the way. You’ll then do a prop-supported supta baddha konasana (reclined bound angle pose) and conclude with a gentle forward fold in sukhasana (easy pose).

Enjoy this inward-moving experience.

*If you don’t have a sandbag, you can use a bag of rice or something of similar weight.

Props: Blocks, blanket, bolster

About the Teacher

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Janessa Mondestin
Janessa Mondestin is an experienced yoga therapist with over 1500 hours of education specializing in... Read more